What we do

With millions of people paying higher council tax bills again this year it is clearly important to ensure you are in the correct banding.

Greystone Consultants are experts in gathering evidence to put to the valuations office so that we can check and challenge your banding and ensure you have not overpaid in the past.

Within 10 weeks and for one small fixed fee we can check and challenge your council tax banding, not only potentially slashing what you pay now, but getting a backdated rebate stretching back to 1993

Thousands of people have been successful and payouts in the £1,000s are commonplace.

Many homes are in the wrong council tax bands, and have been since 1991.

How much can you expect to get?

This is no chickenfeed solution. Get your banding decreased and as well as paying £100 – £400 less each year, the repayment should be backdated to when you moved into the property, as far back as when the tax started in 1993.

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