Introductory Advice Service




Upon purchasing this product, you agree in full that:

  • You have previously made contact with Greystone Consultants Ltd via telephone, email or in writing to discuss who you will be appointed to and what the exacts of the service you are purchasing cover.
  • You have agreed to the service being undertaken on your behalf to completion by Greystone Consultants Ltd.
  • You agree that this is a contractual agreement that once work has been started on your chosen service, no refund can be given in respect the service being delivered to completion either in full or pro-rata.

Once we have confirmed your purchase, you will be contacted via your appointed specialist within 24 hours to commence work.

This package entitles the client to a pre-agreed introductory consultation service for a fixed length of time.

This can be applied to any of the pre-agreed services offered at the time of purchase.

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